Is this Preset Bundle different to the Preset Bundle from February/ March?

YES! We have left some of the original content from the first Preset Bundle inside this one however most of the content is NEW! This time we have even more creators on board to bring to you a bigger and better bundle than ever before! If you bought the first bundle and loved it then don't hesitate to buy this one too! This bundle has 99 preset packs, 11 of them are from the original bundle.


What currency is the site in?

The Preset Bundle is sold in USD.


What do I get when I buy the bundle?

Inside The Preset Bundle you'll find 99 preset packs. This includes 49 desktop collections and 50 mobile collections.

We have broken this down even further:
349 desktop XMP presets (for Lightroom version 8 or later)
180 desktop Lr Template presets (for older versions of Lightroom)
462 Mobile DNG presets 

There's more!

Saudi tutorial pack by Morgan Oliver Allen

13 video editing LUTS from Bonnie Cee

2020 Influencer Bible by Ace the Gram 

Top 6 Tips to get featured by Ditybootsandmessyhair 

Ultimate Guide to Nail Instagram by Dirty Boots and Messy Hair

Posing Pocket guide by Officially Quigley 

Instagram Product Photography guide by Tastefullytash

Food photography and styling guide by Elsa's Wholesomelife 

6 wallpapers from Kyle Hunter

IG hacks guide by Haylsa 

15 IG story stickers by Angela Giakas


Is it really worth purchasing?

100% yes! In fact, by simply dividing $70 by the 99 Preset Packs you'll realise that when purchasing this bundle you're only paying $0.70 per pack, which is absolutely crazy because these are some of the best presets available online!
Each pack has been contributed by the best creators in the industry, but even if you're only interested in a hand full of Presets it’s still very much worth it! If you purchase three or four separately, they would already cost you more than the entire bundle!

Why are you offering such a discount?


Good question! Since each creator has contributed only one or two of their packs they don't loose out on their usual sale. Our creators believe in the power of collaboration and realise that by joining forces, we can reach a way bigger audience, whilst at the same time offering you a ridiculously good deal! Win - Win!

Will I be able to buy it after the sale has ended?

Since all of our creators sell their presets individually for a much higher price we cannot offer this bundle for more than a week. Once the bundle ends you'll no longer be able to purchase the presets unless you buy each of them individually at full price. We have made a legal agreement with the creators to sell for one week only, so even if we wanted to make an exception, we legally cannot. Don't miss out, once it ends, it ends forever! 

Do you offer refunds?

No. This bundle contains only digital products, which means once it is sent to you, it cannot be returned. Please, keep this in mind before you buy because there are no exceptions here.
With that said, these presets sell for $20 - $100+ … per pack! For just a little extra you're getting 99 packs with our bundle, so we can confidently say that you’ll be happy with your purchase, because no matter if you want to use all 99 of just 4, you're getting a great deal!

For how long will I be able to access the presets?

Once you buy the bundle, the presets will be yours and you will own them for life! Simply make sure to store them somewhere safe such a pen drive or a hard drive.

Where will I be able to access these presets?

Desktop Presets are in XMP / LR Template format and Mobile Presets are in DNG format. Once you purchase the Presets simply open the confirmation email on your laptop and follow the PDF or video guide on how to install them onto your device. Once you've installed them they'll be accessed from within either the Lightroom Mobile app or Desktop version.

Can I purchase the bundle as a gift?

You certainly can, the best way to do this is to simple put the email of the person your gifting down when checking out. This way they'll receive the Presets straight to their inbox! 

I didn't find my question here.

Our bundles are quite simple. After the purchase, you will receive an immediate email with a link to download all of the presets/ e books. Once downloaded you'll find a step by step PDF and video guide explaining how to install the presets.
There isn’t much more to know. However, if you have any important questions that need to be answered before purchasing your bundle, please send us an email at help@thepresetbundle.com and we will be happy to help you.


How to Import Mobile Presets without Desktop

We recommend opening your confirmation on your laptop or computer however if you want to upload your mobile presets to your phone without using desktop please follow the instructions provided here


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